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Did you know that Native American’s considered homosexuals to be sacred? It was not only accepted in their society, but they were worshipped and were given high social standing. 

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I’ll have to do some research 

Gays were called “winte” or “berdache”, depending on what tribe you ask.  It’s hard to know for certain how they were treated due to the “oral” nature in which history is passed down through Native American tribes. From what I’ve read though, it seems generally accepted that they were not looked down upon, and some sources do claim that they were celebrated (though I haven’t seen anywhere saying they were ‘worshipped’… though I’m hardly an expert). Some tribes thought them to have a stronger spiritual connection, due to their ability to connect with both sexes.
There was a documentary out quite a few years ago now called Two Spirits. It explored a hate crime towards a Native American, but gave quite a lot of info on Native American views towards homosexuality. If you can find it, check it out :)


Y’all I am all for this discussion but can we not talk about native americans in some giant sweeping group, since we’re talking about two continents worth of people, stretching from damn near the north pole to the damn near the antarctic.  Although I am sure homophobia as we know it is affected by white supremacy if not entirely and constantly propped up by it, it’s good to just speak specifically.  

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